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Lay down big puzzle pieces and spray paint over them. Wait until they dry to take the off. These would make beautiful autism awareness shirts.

This is a neat idea. I have several frames that belonged to my late aunt that would be perfect for this. I think this would be a great thing to make for my mother (her sister).

All for the Boys - DIY Dry Erase Book great for sick days, travel, writing practice, games etc!

So simple and so fun…homemade slime! Yesssssssss

"Making your bed just got a little more interesting" haha! Love it! Could you DIY these, I wonder??

This could be a fun craft for the kids

Forks into fun things! Yes, I think I could do these and love the place card holders and the key ring.

Craft Stick Puzzles - we could have the kids pick a picture from a magazine, glue it to the craft sticks, and then cut the paper apart to make a puzzle

"I encourage you, live in THEIR world for a moment. LOVE on them the way THEY receive love. SIT DOWN and check in for a moment." RobbiePage1and2 blog, "Toy Story and Blueberry Waffles." ONEAND2.COM

Encouraging Kids - Eighteen years after my dad died, I can still hear him, when I get too serious saying, "Lighten up, Lissy!" And in moments of complete self doubt and embarrasment, I bolster myself by thinking of him singing, "Oops, you made a mistake, and you're beautiful to me." To this day I can hear...