bird & alligator or nature's carpooling - bird watching in Everglades National Park


Fun with #fruit: crocodile strawberries. Great to make with kids... #animals

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the difference is clear


10' water Python eats Croc after 5hr fight.....crock lost

Crocodile eating a bull shark

Crocs taste good?

Crocodile attack

A snake eating a crocodile. Yep, that's what I said.

22 foot, 2500 pound crocodile killed by the Army in Zimbabwe after villagers were "disappearing"

Recent Croc Attacks | Crocodile attacks shark in Australia

this is a ruptured 4 meter burmese python with a dead alligator poking out!

Just Funny! Bill ✔️. (curation & caption: @BillGP).

Australia Is Beautiful. Their Wildlife Is Scary.

This does not look good!

jaylowman: This otter was attacked by a crocodile, fought back, and had him for lunch.  Fuck the system.

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.......I honestly didn't know quite where to pin's frightening on one side yet comical to look at from this side...he must be really hungry