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The Tao of Pooh.

That shirt, oh my God. Need.


Toilet Shot Glasses |

Every Episode Of Scandal In 2 Minutes

Ke$ha's jewelry.

MAD MEN SPOILER ALERT: Don Draper just admitted in a meeting to the executives at Hershey that he grew up in a whorehouse. I love the contrast between Ted and Roger's reactions. Ted is appropriately horrified whereas Roger seems to be thinking, "Oh, I thought he was gonna say something REALLY bad. I'm gonna let this ride out."

Whoa, spoiler alert!!

Why does this keep happening?

It all makes sense.

Brilliant pun execution.


I don't take tests anymore but this is me every day.

Oh God I laughed so hard. I'm still laughing.

Much better title.

Boy that escalated quickly!

Lena Denim Dress, #ModCloth


Paul McCartney

not even.

dave, get out.

A real first world problem.

Family portrait.