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  • Kendall Morris

    Awesome worksheet for context clues. This is a great way to show students that they can find the meaning of an unknown word within the sentence.

  • Dorothy Stefania

    Art Worksheets: Context Clues: Word Mystery for-bella

  • The Boselli Foundation

    Third Grade Comprehension Worksheets: Context Clues Worksheet: Word Mystery

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Great ideas for helping students learn context clues

Week 4: Easy read, but a good introduction activity for context clues. The book Henry P. Baloney has different words than the English ones for everyday objects. You can figure out what those words are by using several different context clues.

Context Clues put up during instruction. Refer to it often. Have students enter it into their literature journals. Have students refer to it often, as well.

I use this to introduce Context Clues at the beginning of the school year. It is a fun sheet to get the students to thinking. The students really...

Great concentrated context clues practice for 6th graders! Three sets (96 total) Context Clues Task Cards will help expand your kid's vocabularies! $

Context Clues Poster - I would definitely have this in my classroom when teaching context clues.