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    Jumps, grabs the tusks, swings to the first leg, then the other. Climb up the arrows in the leg, shoot five guys. Shoots a rope, tower on top falls down, shoots 3 arrows into its head.

    Lord of the rings LOTR humor. So it begins. King Theoden

    Love lord of the rings

    Bro | YES.


    Eat a Snickers.

    Lord Of The Rings summed up…

    This is waaaay too accurate.

    I love how the artist has perfectly captured Legolas here; it couldn't be anyone else.

    :) Lord of The Rings


    Lord of the Rings: Sassy Legolas!


    Lord of the Rings + Princess Bride

    The Lord of the Rings

    LOTR 30 Day Challenge. Day 10 - OTP. Aragorn and Arwen.

    Gets me every time!!! Best duo ever :)

    Whenever anyone says anything potato related, I quote this!!This is probably one of my favorite parts

    Gandalf, Lord of the Rings. For the library

    YES I think this EVERY time