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Reseña a Enanos y elfos en la Edad Media.

This prayer book was commissioned by Anne de Bretagne, wife of two successive kings of France, Charles VIII and Louis XII, to teach her son, the dauphin Charles-Orland (1492–1495), his catechism. It was painted in Tours by Jean Poyer, an artist documented as working for the queen. The book is richly illustrated, and its thirty-four airy, light-flooded miniatures are among the most delicate examples of late-fifteenth-century art.

"The Accolade" by Edmund Blair Leighton. The first time I saw this over ten years ago, it was so captivating that I could hardly breathe.

Studio Seppuku - The Art of Rhys Cooper — PEARL JAM - Oslo, Norway gigposter - ODIN raven.

Title page of Tennyson's "A Dream of Fair Woman, by Alberto Sangorski

Street Art


Geometric tiger made from triangles

by Bicicleta Sem Freio

This is one Tu-Bardh Wilson of Clanadonia, a Celt and Pict inspired drum and bagpipes band. They are known for their very animated live performances.

Andy Warhol et Mick Jagger.

The Vienna Coronation Gospels represent one of the most beautiful manuscripts of the Middle Ages and a major work of court art at the time of Charlemagne. The book consists of 236 purple-dyed vellum leaves with text written in gold and silver ink. Each of the four Gospels begins with a painted portrait of the respective Evangelist. Ca. 800-1200 AD

Dagulf Psalter initial B

Practical Treatise on the Art of Illuminating : with examples (1873)


Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson filming The Shining (1980)


Fred & Rita

Fairies in Victorian Art - Book for Sale :: The Peacock Mirror

Bob M.