I'm literally laughing so hard

Freaking hilarious!

Lol. Hilarious!

I'm crying right now...

Do you find yourself facepalming more than usual? Here are 10 facepalm moments that probably could have been avoided.

Planting a garden in a keyboard. Best office prank idea! need to do this for April 1 More funny and sexy stuff at

The Big Bang Theory Names…IT'S SO TRUE! Her last name had never been mentioned since the beginning of the show and now they are in season six!

Oh the drama. Hilarious

So funny!

Lol that's awesome

I truly just laughed out loud

Some cool facts you probably don’t know… #FunFacts

28 texts from 2014 that will make you laugh every time.

Hahaha that's hilarious

The Ketchup Prank.. april fools

April Fools!! muahaha

Facebook fails lmao sometimes I wish I still had a Facebook to read idiotic statuses