Pink, Opal, Turquoise

pink vintage!

I want these, please! Pink Pyrex <3

Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup

Oh, my gosh! I would trade my vintage primary color pyrex mixing bowls for this set! To die for. I love how hey used Cinderella lids to stack them.

Color <3 yellow, pink, turquoise Pyrex

Pyrex Friendship <3

<3 <3 <3 Snowflake Pyrex <3 <3 <3

Pyrex Mixing Bowl Pendant Light - UpCycled

~Chocolate Brown Cottage~

Pink Pyrex <3

The pink is pretty, but I <3 those turquoise bowls so much!!!

pyrex <3

Oh. My. Word. I <3 green milk glass.


Vintage Kitchenware - Pyrex Spring Blossom Drinking Glass on Etsy, $3.00

Yellow and turquoise pyrex <3 oh, just stop it!

pyrex <3

Vintage Pyrex... this collection is most impressive! <3

Pyrex Forest, Dish Pyrex Idea, Pyrex Dishes, Transferware Corningware

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