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Calm you shall keep.

1 de julho de 2014

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I actually always have wondered this... MAYBE I'M A TIME LORD (or time lady)!!!!!! -- i just feel lie everyone is greatly underestimating the geekpower if this joke... David Tennant, talking as the Doctor, quoting Harry Potter (Arthur Weasley). I am dying of fangirling right now.

Cards Against Gallifrey - Click through to download the set! Warning: While Doctor Who is children's programming, these cards are very crass. I feel the need to warn people because I'm polite. :) --LO

We're sleeping on the wrong side of the bed no matter what, so...

Rose's response to TARDIS translation: "It's in my mind!?! Your machine, it's in my head and you didn't think to tell me that?!" Donna's response: "Seriously? *giggle* I just said seriously in Latin!"