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    newfoundland search and rescue


    Newfoundland...looks like a bear. !♥

    Meet The Karazans: Real Newfoundland Water Rescue Work In Italy, Part Two

    Newfoundland dog

    Click the link in the story to learn about rescuing a Newfoundland dog.

    Newfoundland puppy

    Newfoundland dogs are often used in search and rescue work. They require a minimum of three years training before they can jump from moving transports and become a SAR dog. Their strength and ability to swim so well makes it easy for them to paddle to shore with a person. Many trainers say because of their nature at retrieving things, it's more like a game than work for these dogs.


    Willie - a wonderful water loving boy! is an #adoptable Newfoundland Dog • Extra Large • in #ONTARIO --- This gorgeous Newf is in the care of NEWF FRIENDS Newfoundland dog rescue -- please direct all inquiries to THEIR WEBSITE


    newfoundland puppy found some friends


    Newfoundland Dog

    Search and Rescue dog.

    baby newfoundland

    Newfoundlands were bred to rescue sailors when they fell from the old whaleing ships. Labrador retrivers were bred from Newfi's....

    Newfoundland dogs tackle water rescue at Codorus - The York Daily Record

    Shore winners ... rescue team are thrilled with Newfoundland Dog Whizz and 11 year old lifeguard Ellie Bedford. They have been recruited as a double act for the Navys volunteer rescue force in Swansea, South Wales. He drags people out and she reassures them. She said: "I used to be afraid of water, but not with Whizz."

    Search and Rescue

    Newfoundland dog- they're awesome