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    Eggs in a Bag

    Foil meals in pie pans instead of foil packets

    Eggs on the Grill... Good idea for camping-so they set and don't run all over the place!

    Make an Omelet in a BAG!!! www.Prepared-Hous... #camping #omelet #eggs

    10 crockpot meals ready to go! Prep ingredients and place in ziplock bags. Write instructions on bags and freeze flat.

    Tacos in a Bag + 24 other camping dinner ideas. Why stop at the campground though?

    7 Different ways to cook tilapia - great for those frozen bags of tilapia from Sam's!

    As a tent camper of many, many years, this looks like one of my totes for food. The lists of the breakdown of meals is essential for camping in a place with only an outhouse, and that means NO water!!

    Mammoth 2-Person Sleeping Bag. Very cool website as well. Lots of neat stuff!

    Fried Cabbage with Bacon, Onion, and Garlic | "OMG!! This is the best! Didn't add salt or pepper, I figured that is up to the individual eating it, we did add some smoked sausage and some garlic bread on the side. My family loved it. Thanks so much for sharing! This recipes is already in my Recipe box!"

    Camping food recipes/idea. Here are cinnamon rolls cooked in an orange half, and using the orange as an icing ingredient. Also tips on using a dutch oven outside on a campfire. Pinning because I hope we'll need this someday!

    21 Ingeniously Mind-Blowing Camping Ideas: To have a softer and more comfortable tent floor, buy a pack of 10 foam floor mats and lay them out under your sleeping bags (do this for the van floor so you can remove wash!

    Personalized taco salads using fun size doritos -- really awesome camping idea, make toppings ahead, store in tupperware

    Ice cream in a ziplock! We did this camping last summer and can't wait to make it again!!!

    6 Instant Meals for camping and backpacking. Lightweight and portable. Just add boiling water and dinner is served! From

    ZIP LOCK OMELET- Throw all your ingredients in a bag, zip it up and boil them. Each person can put different ingredients in and they cook at the same time! They cook for 6-8 mins and then slide right out of the bag- OMELET We do this camping and at home!

    Onion Balls. Mix your favorite meatloaf recipe and put inside 2 onion halves. Balls will vary in size. Wrap each person's serving in foil and place in fire. Cook about 10 mins. and flip for another 10 mins. Remove from fire and top with your favorite sauce: ketchup, tomato, whatever. . .

    Baked Apple for camping! Halve an apple. Hollow out the core and fill with brown sugar and a pat of butter. Wrap in tin foil and place in the coals.

    Baileys-Dipped Toasted Marshmallows | 27 Delicious Recipes To Try On Your Next Camping Trip

    10 camping food tips