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Backlighting Cheat Sheet

Digital Camera World - architecture photography cheat sheet: essential tips for taking better pictures of buildings

PRINT FOR CAMERA BAG!! How to focus your camera for any subject or scene: free photography cheat sheet | Digital Camera World

Free night photography cheat sheet: shoot any low-light scene

Free landscape photography cheat sheet- Digital Camera World

Photocameras and accessories -

Great lighting tricks!

Thanks for this it's great! ............ 100 Photography Tips

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Basic Photoshop CS6 Edit

Most people don't know how to pose when it comes to portrait pictures and you see many amateur and unprofessional models because they don't look confident in their pictures. This infographic DigitalCameraWorld goes through 50 different poses which will liven up your pictures. The infographic is clearly aimed at women but hey you guys can also…

Q&A Tuesday is a new blog series starting today. You ask the questions, I answer them. Your questions can be about photography, how to prepare for a session, personal questions like what's my favorite color, or what does my cat look like. Ask me anything. You have the whole week to ask questions…

I did a post, not so long back on 50 Portrait Photography Ideas. Well the guys behind that infographic, DigitalCameraWorld, saw such huge popularity in it that they've created another infographic with 40 more poses.

How to Wirelessly Connect Your DSLR to Your iPad

photography cheat sheet! how cool is this. i hope to finally learn how to use my camera, properly! RL

Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet

Group photo posing cheat |

Photography Cheat Sheet

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Fabulous tutorial about aperture, ISO and Exposure!