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"yeah I'm chllin' on a dirt road.. laid back and swervin' like im George jones smoke blowin out the window an iced cold beer sittin in the console"

engagement-photography. Love that they took them with the dog... a must do for us :-)

First up, you need to make sure people know what’s going on. | 26 Tips For Taking The Perfect Engagement Photo this is for you Taylor Partain

maybe some girls aren't meant to be #tamed. maybe they are supposed to run #wild until they find someone just as wild to run with.

Normally I find most baby photos tacky but this is actually pretty cute. It doesn't have that 'staged' look to it.

Engagement Pictures this would be great but we would have to have serious ones too

haha of course my eye goes to the horse first! Farm / Horse engagement photography

Joshie and I will have to do this on our vacation at the cabin next summer!

One of the most popular engagement pics on Pinterest... Our sweet photographer was kind enough to be willing to duplicate this pic. It's definitely one of my favorite photos!!!

I love this | Black and white | Kiss her | Couples and engagements photography | Pose idea