I want this so bad!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love Cheyenne Mountain Dew.

If you like sci-fi, snark, and the sound of gunfire, Stargate SG--1 is the show for you!

I miss Stargate :( SG1 and SGA!!


Sci-Fi-Stargate SG-1. If you like Star Trek you will love this. Lasted ten seasons. The 1990 movie Stargate was sort of a prequel to this show and the movie is well worth watching also.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is the most hilarious crossover ever. (SG1's Loki with Thor.)


Stargate Atlantis + text post.

Star Trek

Dear normal people who follow me that aren't complete nerds: I'm sorry. ... "I'm so so sorry" #geek #nerd #doctorwho

Cause you know she will. Stargate SG-1- oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Col. Jack O'Neill!!!! sigh

Jack and Daniel

Greatest Stargate meme! #stargate #sg-1 #McGyver

Samantha Carter - Stargate SG-1. Most amazing female lead I think I've ever seen. 11 seasons of awesomeness (SG1 and SGA)


Stargate SG1 episode Moebius

Jack and Daniel

Stargate Atlantis. Because what else would you do in an ancient city in a far away galaxy?

Stargate SG-1. Daniel Jackson.