Does this water make me look fat?

Fat and happy


makes me laugh

Baby Seal: Wanna see what I look like when I'm sleepy? ---------------- Friend: OKAY -------------------------- Baby Seal: Honkshoo Honkshoo Honkshoo! ----------------------------- Baby Seal: Wanna see something really neat? --------------------------- Friend: I rly rly do. ------------------- Baby Sea: I'm upside down? LOL!

.smile..... Seal


Seal vs Octopus

big fat cat | funny-big-fat-cat-kitten

Cutest bunny ever


So true lol

shell and all! omg! too cute!!!

This one made me smile(:

this is how i feel when I try on clothes...


Why can't I come in?

Lucky, a young fur seal pup, wandered across a busy street, through a cat flap, and up some stairs into a kitchen before climbing up onto the sofa in Annette Swoffer's home in Bay of Plenty, NZ. where it took a nap! Conservation workers were able to return him safely to the sea! via Photo by Department of Conservation

I love seals so much, look how precious, and people who club them are worthless pieces of $h*t and should be clubbed themselves. They don't deserve to live.: Seals, Animals, Cuteness, Sea Life, Sweet, Animal Kingdom, Sea Lions, Baby Seal

adorable. #animals #pet. Unconditional love:

Thank you sooooo much for feeding me fish everyday...I love you soooo much I want to eat your face.