Organize your cookie sheets by using tension rods -- love it!

8 ways to use tension rods:: Genius

Dividers in the deep space above the oven or refrigerator are an efficient way to storage your platters, cookie sheets, cutting boards, bakeware, etc. Add shelves above the dividers to maximize storage in taller cabinets.

Nine Creative Organization Methods for Your Home |

Storing potatoes and onions in wire magazine racks. Tags held on with zip ties. Would match décor in kitchen

Store pot lids with a towel rack behind cabinet doors and more creative storage ideas

pots and pans

Vertical pan storage in kitchen. This should be standard in every kitchen.. at least one cabinet!

use 2 coat hooks to hang an ironing board SO SMART!

This is genius! Swing arm rods. Interesting, would cover the window but make them look bigger when open

Use a shower curtain rod under the cabinets to create more counter space. Interesting option.

Kitchen idea

Beyond brilliant

kitchen sink cabinet organized w/ tension rod

laundry organizer

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets tired of unstacking all my pans to get to the 9x13s. Love this!

Use a tension shower curtain rod (only $8!) under the sink for hanging bottles of cleaner. This blog has other great kitchen organizing tips!

DIY Closet Organizer: Bookshelf + Rods = Done! I would not use tension rods as suggested. But thats cuz I can use a drill. Inexpensive rods and rod supports from any home supply store will give same results with better support.

Instead of buying an expensive rack for the shower, buy an expandable shower curtain rod! Add baskets and hooks and voila. A great way to store all your shower stuff!