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3d effects - wow...what an amazing tattoo! Couldn't do it in one sitting though...that's a lot of ink!

Breast Cancer Ribbon Butterfly Tattoo

Thinking of getting this support for a friend who is a breast cancer survivor.

My breast cancer butterfly tattoo

Pink Ribbon Tattoos – Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I would LOVE this tattoo, it has so much meaning and its in remembrance of my grandpa! what a coincidence! lung cancer ribbon tattoos | fr cancer ribbon butterfly tattoo picturescancer ribbon butterfly page ...

Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoo

Breast Cancer Butterfly Tattoo Designs | Butterfly breast cancer tattoo. maybe to put on a shirt J ... | TaTo ...

tattoos breast cancer ribbons | Breast Cancer Tattoos –Symbols of Remembrance, Hope, and Celebration ...

breast cancer. This one is for my daughter. We are all fighting this battle with her.