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Reel by vincent lion. A voir pour le rythme.

fedelpeye Reel 2011 by fedelpeye. Hi!, this is my latest reel, enjoy!

Fail Again, Fail Better ou Le quotidien des graphistes

FoxLife ⎮ Rebrand ⎮ Montage by Juani Libonatti. http://www.juanilibonatti.com.ar

Simple & Beautiful

Scales by Michael Rigley. Faux title sequence.


Half Rez Animations by Nick Campbell.

Imaginary Forces - Curiosity Promo by Imaginary Forces. For the launch of Discovery's new series "Curiosity," we created a visual journey that hints at upcoming show topics:Is There a Parallel Universe? How Will the World End? Will Robots Take Over? Titanic: How Did It Happen?, or even Are We Ready for an Alien Invasion? As we pull out, we reveal that the entire journey has taken place within the CURIOSITY logo.

CRAZY ENOUGH - Title Sequence. Video by Jr.canest.

Nike Hyperdunk+ by Royale. for other works, still frames, and behind the scenes content, please visit www.weareroyale.com

Vidéo interactive avec le clavier

Qualcomm - Shoulda Shoulda by VisualCreatures

The eagerly awaited Summer 2012 Mill US Showreel. Music Track: Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te - The Eye (Original Mix) Graham Geren, Louis Kha, Chess Hubbard, Mikul Wing

Honda "Hands". This is simply my all time favourite TV commercial. I find the advert captivating to watch, it is entertaining and highly original. It has a balance of being quirky and fun but at the same time promoting the diverse range off products that Honda has to offer. It also tells the story off the history off Honda at the same time. Ingenious advertising.

#Mini #dont text and drive. Trinta letras, medindo 2.5 por 2.5 metros, foram espalhadas pela Cidade do México. As estruturas simulavam fraturas expostas. Essas instalações promoviam ainda um aplicativo para smartphone, chamado The Word Blocker. Através do GPS, o app identifica a velocidade do usuário, bloqueando automaticamente o recebimento de mensagens no celular. O rementente recebe uma resposta pré-configurada, avisando que o destinatário está dirigindo.

Househunter Test-Drive

NESTLE Grand Chocolat - L'androïde

Marionettebot 恋するマリオネット [FILM]

will (director's cut) by Eusong Lee. thank you for everyone who helped me making this film