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  • ashley tahg

    What is it like in your funny little brains? To quote Sherlock.

  • Erica Quinn

    Is there such thing as normal people? Maybe everybody thinks this

  • Kaity Morgan

    I think about this all the time. I always have stories, quotes, and characters running through my head. I'm constantly narrating or thinking of a scene or toying with a new idea. I am always trying to put feelings into words even if they don't leave my head. What do normal people think about? How do they entertain themselves all day long?

  • Kasey ✌🏻️

    OMG but really. What are your thoughts like!? Cuz I don't think I would have much to think about if I was normal. So normal people wanna share?

  • Kellie ☪

    I think about this the most in traffic. Every car in rush hour contains at least one other person with a completely different life than my own going to a completely different location with a completely different outcome. It amazes me sometimes how the biggest things can go unnoticed by most people.

  • Alyssa Spence

    Boring stuff

  • Tryphena Gatch

    She said absently as she opened another book. While other children their age had been swathed in happy endings, they were reading books meant to lift the curtain on the world. He shrugged. "Not much."

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