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When basic bitches come at me.. I be like..!!! lolol I love this word!!

My life with Chronic Bitch Face.

If you don't want me to be a bitch, then stop pissing me off.

What are you going to do bitch? Stab me with your fucking crayon?! hahahah

This is why you have cramps. Your uterus is pissed off at you. (haha)

When you find yourself forgetting things, just remember: The only thing Dory hasn't forgotten (so far) is the fact that she's forgetful.

some days i just wanna die like today just so i feel no more pain and sadness and stop hurting myself with things i find. so like normal bundle everything up inside and put a smile on and go on with my day. #sad #complicated #confussed

It must be late cuz this is really making me laugh. Just keep saying it in his voice in your head hahaha

You really haven't had the pleasure of seeing me full scale crazy until you have betrayed my trust.