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I need this!!

Messy desk? Well, this tiny retro-designed USB Desk Vacuum ($13.49) can’t help with the big stuff, but it can definitely help keep your workstation crumb-free! Just plug it into a free USB port and vacuum up those crumbs... and yes, the mini-vacuum handle tilts back, just like the real one. Cool, as in "clean."

Cutlery covers | perfect for your purse! Awesome! #product_design

Lazy Geek’s Cushion. This looks awesome.

I need this pillow!

iPhone ;)

Comfort Bed Lounger...I want one...

omg two of my biggest problems when cooking solved :D

best. pillow. ever. I want this

Get real neck relief in minutes.

Portable Planetarium, $81, http://www.amazon.com/SEGATOYS-Co-LTD-Planetarium-Chocolate/dp/B005QT6P6I

Long distance pillows. They light up when the other person is sleeping and lets you hear their heartbeat. I WANT THIS!!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Netted hammock - really nice for spending a night outside

Snuggle-Friendly Mattress

Wake up pillow - it vibrates when it's time to wake up!

Twister anyone?

Inflatable outdoor sofa, only $27! Perfect for laying out!

Ostrich Pillow: sleep anywhere... OMG! YeS!!!