Hahaha XD

50 Unexplainable Black White Photos aka sometimes you just need a pic of a kid smoking with his pet chicken - more funny stuff: http://hotfunnystuff.com

Dump A Day Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 25 Pics: Funny Animals, Giggle, Funny Pictures, Funny Snapchat, Funny Stuff, Smile, Chicken Funny

funny pictures of animals

well this is on my bucket list

Boy Meets World

This Anteater is a method actor...

happy dance.

Well his daughter's hair in that picture looks kinda questionable.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world was flat? That way we could just push off the people we don't like.

There's nothing better than that fresh battery feeling.

Oh boy! Herman, the world's biggest bunny!

The Best Of First World Dog Problems - LOL love these! :)

I Won't Live That Way

Just realized my life turned out better than yours. Checkmate, bitch.

If only...

Dear Alcohol, We had a deal where you would make me funnier, smarter and a better dancer. I've seen the video. We need to talk.

Jeopardy Answer: What must be said to those who have not mastered the lessons.

seriously laughed out loud!!