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Funny tumblr post

this guy...it so great

Funny tumblr post

I have been told that the bottom picture has the same face that I have when I wake up in the morning.

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No. Just no.

Ahahahaha...Deadpool Knife Block

Every time!!

a dog would probably bark a warning but this is.. well.. a cat ☺

How I feel as a South American.

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what bothers me is the tiny difference between pause and do not like' i mean am I a bad cook or is she just taking a break?

haha, There's nothing sexier than a man doing dishes, unless he's doing the laundry. :)

My ex was from the land down under. Australia? Hell. ... pretty accurate!

So true!#quote#wise words#well said

SO TRUE...Do you know how to make these Knots? No... well, your pockets, purses and handbags do!

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So bad yet so funny