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Scarf 2012

★New Color★ The Original BOSTON HARBOR SCARF in Rustic Redwood by {I'm thrilled to introduce my newest color!}


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Rugby Stripe Circle Scarf Crochet Pattern

Etsyfrom Etsy

The Original BOSTON HARBOR SCARF | Warm, soft & stylish scarf with 3 large coconut buttons | Butterscotch

Soft Stylish

Stylish Scarf

Usa Butterscotch

Original Boston

Large Coconut

Behindmypicketfence 69

Warm Soft

Warm Par

Boston Cowl

Boston Harbor Scarf ★RANDOM ACT OF CHRISTMAS KINDNESS DAY★ I woke up feeling SO BLESSED this morning by all my FABULOUS followers so I decided to pay for the guy's breakfast behind me at Panera Bread. I'm challenging you to do something like that today. ALL the profits from this BUTTERSCOTCH Boston Harbor Scarf will go toward more random acts of kindness....Ready, set, go snag it! by

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A super fast men’s scarf of which I made several for a local charity.

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The Dublin: Urban, Chic, and engaging crochet scarf with large handcrafted wooden button- Gal

Etsyfrom Etsy

New KNOTICAL INFINITY SCARF - Thick infinity fashion statement piece

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★New★ KNOTICAL INFINITY SCARF - Handmade in the USA -Thick infinity fashion scarf by

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Bufanda bufanda de infinidad de cadena del por luluBdesign en Etsy

Etsyfrom Etsy

Boston Habor Style Scarf, 3 Button scarf, Grey Tweed Crochet Scarf, cowl, Dallas Dreams Scarf, Brown Wooden Buttons, READY TO SHIP

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3 Button Crochet Scarf

3 Button Crochet Scarf, 3 Button scarf, Wrap cowl, Dallas Dreams Scarf, Cream 3 Buttons Scarf, Mother's Gift #chunkyscarf #scarf

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BUFANDAS CORTAS (tejidas en dos agujas, con puntas en crochet)

Boston Harbour Scarf Pattern

Pattern Boston

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This site refers to "knitting", however the free pattern is included and is clearly crochet. Lovely knockoff of the "Boston Harbor Scarf".

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Illuminate Crochet: Remix Friday: Mexican Waves Scarf

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TheYarnBearer's Gaia Shrug available on Ravelry. This looks like a scarf folded back on itself - simples

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DIY Button Cuff for Infinity Scarf |

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Crochet Hooded Infinity Scarf By Ashley Shin - Free Crochet Pattern - (thesequinturtle.blogspot)

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crochet scarf

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Free pattern.

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Fiber Flux...Adventures in Stitching: Free Crochet Pattern...Ingrid Scarf

the sparkly toadfrom the sparkly toad

Granny Square LOVE

Tillietulip Blogspot

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Daisy grannies I would change the blues to greens and then use either white or yellow for the border. -hc

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One of my favorite patterns. Infinity scarfs are now my new favorites. Used the exact same yarn - lion brand tweed in "woodlands". My son like it so much he wanted one. Also made it in lion brand tweed - "caramel" too. Have made 4 so far. Friends love it! Takes about 2 hours once you learn the pattern. Easy beginners scarf!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Autumn Harvest Circular Crocheted Scarf, Handmade, Multicolored with Button Tube

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