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Pruning Lavender; Don't cut plants like lavender to the ground, and don't touch them in fall or winter.

Propagating Lavender from cuttings - great - will go for it!

Rooting rosemary in water versus cuttings in soil. Posted on Mad about Herbs.

Taking cuttings from your favorite plants is one of the quickest -- and easiest -- ways to make more plants for free.

Use the frame from an inexpensive paper lantern. This will look awesome once it fills in!

I WISH I KNEW THIS BEFORE! "When my sister was married, I took the half-dead roses from her bouquet. At home, I rooted them by cutting off the heads, making a clean cut on the bottoms, dipping the fresh-cut bottoms in rooting hormone, and putting them in a pot that was half Perlite and half soil. I kept these moist until rooted & planted them in a shaded location in my garden. This year, on her anniversary, she received a gift that can't be replaced: 12 rose bushes from her wedding bouquet...

how to propagate lavender from cuttings

This is the coolest thing. It is a propagator that allows a person to start a plant from another living plant without taking a cutting. It grows roots on the cutting when it's still on the mother plant.

The next time your purchase onions, Gently cut the root end off each onion (it doesn't really matter what kind, purple, red, yellow, white, ...

cornmeal in a jar garden slug trap- this works for ants too!

great idea for my rosemary...it would look so much better in a pot (as a tree) rather than take up a huge chunk of ground

Bouturer un figuier, c'est vraiment facile

aloe vera growing advice

How to Grow Ginger by dreamstateinspiration #Gardens #Ginger

Turning one basil plant into 12+ plant-lings

Turns out, harvesting basil is the key to creating that healthy, bountiful little basil bush. Don’t be afraid to cut! When your basil plant has 3 to 5 sets of leaves, cut the top off just above the second set of leaves from the ground. The single stalk will now end here, and two new branches will now bud and grow from the set of leaves you left behind. Every couple of weeks, repeat the process, cutting just above the first or second set of leaves on your newest branches.

How to take lavender cuttings - Projects: Creative projects - gardenersworld.com

Freshly cut French Lavender - one of the soft fragrance notes in Aesthetic Content's Lavender Pera Bianca Luxury Scented Soy Candle

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