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Good side effects

The "good side effects" are what the drug actually does. I'm a nurse. Also, I have seen side effects like "may cause breast enlargement" or "weight loss"

Well, If They're Free...

Well, If They're Free...

FREE STRIPS OF PAPER*! *May be used as bookmarks, paper hornets, writing down his or her phone number, a healthy snack, or even a place to put your bubble gum!

TWD there's something seriously wrong with you if you don't like the walking dead!! /: (Can't grow enough fingers 2 flip 'em off!!!)

The Walking Dead. to all those walking dead haters FUCK YOU! You have know idea what you're missing! people who hate the walking dead shouldn't live on this earth. people just have know idea how much i hate the walking dead haters

Hey @Pandy Davis. Babe, I love you. You are my everything, my light in a dark world. Please stay strong for me. It will be okay, I swear. Every time I see your beautiful face I can't help but smile. You are the best person I have ever met, or ever will meet. You have stood by my side through thick and thin and I will do the same. I love you, I hope you know that. But please for me stay strong.

This is for all the girls and guys out there who feel as if they could break with every step, i want you to know i am here to listen and help you through this. Society's expectations are unbeliveble a(Every Step Quotes)

TRUTH. " Its not enough to tell me that you care when we both know that words are empty air. You've given me nothing" -Florence Welch

Always remember this. REAL love won't be able to turn feelings off like a faucet.

How TRUE !!!

However, I still ring doorbells. I text to say I'm on my way but then I still ring the doorbell or knock.


Style Curly Hair for Volume

How to Style Curly Hair for Volume. If you have fine, curly hair or you just like to rock big curls, you might be wondering how to pump up the volume. It can be challenging to add volume to curly hair without creating frizz, but luckily.

Ridin the Rapids

Sign Prohibits Doing Things Preceded by “Hey Y'all, Watch This!” “Hey Y'All, watch me play safely and respectfully"

It's not about a dumb sandwich, or even gay rights. It's about free speech for everyone! Even if you don't agree with his views!

Texas Gents on

Referring to the whole Chick-fil-a incident. (When chik fil a said they didn't support gay marriage and then fb deleted them off fb and people started to boycott them in ignorance)

Everything I like.

Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive or impossible. This about sums it up

The life of a Ginger!

attempting to tan.pale people issues, lol It's not only a red head problem.