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This color is pretty. #sisterlocks Lovely Sisterlocks #dreadlocks +dreadstop DreadStop - One Love.

Image detail for -Sister-Lock Dreadlocks Styles | Dreadlocks

I personally keep my sisterlocks cut, but they are so beautiful long!

i'm not a fan of sisterlocks at all but i'd be lying if i siad this wasn't lovely.

Sisterlocked: Everything She Dislikes, I love About my Hair. #sisterlocks #naturalhair

We love this makeup look, and her beautiful eyes enhanced. But look at those lips, sexy doesn't even begin to describe her beautiful mouth.

sisterlocks... I will probably never have locks but this is a style I could get into.

my sisterlocks consultant keeps shutting down my color ideas :-( this color would look awesome on me

This will be me soon!! Can't wait to gain just a *little* more length

Sister locs. I dont have locs but i want to do this updo with my natural curls.