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Namtar (Farscape)

FARSCAPE, Seizoen 1 (Gezien en gevolgd op NetFlix).

This show is amazing! If you like sci-fi, then give Farscape a try. These two are just, guhhh!

Farscape - watching the show on Netflix right now. I like these two actors - Ben Browder and Claudia Black. They were also in Stargate. Once a sci-fi star, always a sci-fi star.

Farscape ♥ Just love a universe where all the aliens speak with an Australian accent !

Farscape...I can't decide which I like better, Farscape or Firefly. They're both great and gone TOO SOON!

Farscape!!!! AHHHHHHH~~anybody else feel this idiotic grin come over you when you see anything related to your favorite sci-fi shows?

Aboard the zilbanion. This scene reminded me of imagery from the X-Files series.

Scorpius and Sikozu from the Peacekeeper Wars.