Story maps help student pull the story apart and figure out what what it's all about. Some may think that this is unimportant to teach students in higher elementary grades but students still need to "learn to read" not only "read to learn" from kindergarten to middle school and beyond. This learning doesn't just stop once readers have a firm grasp on how to read.

Fourth and Ten: Spring Graphic Organizers Set Two {Try it Before You Buy It} Freebies!

A simple Story Map for a Fairy Tale Unit.

Story elements anchor chart

story re telling

Work on Writing

Students create a character cutout as an adjective activity--students can create one about themselves or for a character in a story

Reading Comprehension Strategies Poster

eye-lighter, to help with reading

Make the anchor chart and laminate it. With each story read, use post it notes to answer.

Great Social Studies "where do I live" activity! I laminated the cards so students can do this as a daily practice by using dry erase markers to write and erase their personal information.

center board - so much easier than a pocket chart!

Blooming In Kindergarden: Fairy Tale Story Mapping. Could be adapted for middle school: add themes, protagonist/antagonist, stereotypes...

Parts of a story

Adjectives Anchor Chart.....very creative!!!

reading comprehension posters

Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strip Yellow ELT-Y On Book Page View

For Max--Reading Charts