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Feeling a Bit Out of Tune? You can't sleep, your energy levels are low and you're finding it harder to make it through your day. The specialists insist there's nothing wrong, but you innately feel like something's out of tune. Maybe it's time to call the Chiropractor. D.D. Palmer, the Father of Chiropractic, recognized that repetitive physical, chemical and emotional stress can alter the normal 'tone' within a person's Nerve System (a.k.a. Subluxation). This persistent irritation can…

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How Much Does a Chiropractor Make in a Year

The education of a Chiropractor. Anderson Chiropractic, 7390 Business Center Dr., Avon, IN 46123. (317) 272-7000.

Chiropractic hands for healing. Anderson Chiropractic. 7390 Business Center Dr., Avon, IN 46123. Call for your appointment today: (317)272-7000.

Anderson Chiropractic. 7390 Business Center Dr., Avon, IN 46123. (317)272-7000.

Look at this! The first subluxation can happen at birth! "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree" Get your kids checked for subluxation today!

Feeling vs. Function. We all want to feel good. How you feel is not always a good indication of how your body is functioning. The same way your dentist can find a cavity before you feel it, your chiropractor can find a problem with your spinal joint before you start to feel tension, pain or other symptoms.

Subluxation robs the body's ability to focus, think, organize and heal. Visit Dr. Pike to be subluxation free!

"Divided We Fall." ---> spinal subluxations (misalignments) lead to failing health

If you have a #Subluxation it can prohibit life to flow through.

Chiropractic Marketing "Garbage in Your Nerve System" What would happen if your garbage didn’t get picked up for a few weeks? Your house would get pretty stinky wouldn't it? The same can be said for you, if your Nerve System garbage isn't dumped regularly too. Physical, chemical and emotional stresses that accumulate in your Nerve System are called Subluxations (Chiropractic term for nerve interference). If not cleared regularly, stress from Subluxations can spill over into your…

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We're here for fine tuning.

The human body is a self-healing, self-organizing system that is sometimes affected by interference to the nervous system, called a subluxation. The Chiropractor initiates a force to adjust that subluxation and allows your body to heal itself

Everyone should have a #chiropractor!