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Am making our own poster of this for our summer theme this year...

Wise words from Kate Swaffer's blog

It's funny, I was fearless about taking risks that put me out of my comfort zone as a student (not dangerous, but nonconformist), and now as an adult, those fears of failure sometimes make me never take the plunge. I need to work on this.

So true! I see people doing this all the time and it just comes out looking fake and being pointless. The end results is inevitable so why waste everyone's time prolonging it. Life is to short!

Somehow people always want to blame God for the bad things that happen in life, you know that old arguement "If God is so great and loving why did my house get broke into and we became poor?" to which i reply "Its not Gods fault your dad is a drug dealer and he sold someone a bad batch who them followed him home and ransacked his house."

I voucher that for those whom I spoke to closely tonight. With a good time talking to my besties

"perhaps strength doesn't reside in having never been broken...but in the courage required to grow strong in the broken places."

Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.

I never wanted to be your whole life, just your favorite part

Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me. GOD is already there.