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Gilles Marini

  • Denise Traister

    gilles marini... I don't think it's possible to find anunflattering photo of this man...

  • Stacy Gaby

    Gilles Marini from "Sex and the City"

  • Domenica Ashlea

    Art Giles Marini from the Sex in the City movie and a past contestant on DWTS. beautiful-people

  • Terry Williams

    Bttrfliesz Are Free: Man Candy Monday - Gilles Marini

  • Jennifer Wood

    This guy has been in so many movies , always playing the hot guy but never can remember his name !! :( soo sexy it hurts me eyes Last pin for the semester hope you all enjoyed see you again in a few weeks :)His name is Gilles Marini.

  • Amy Sharos

    Giles Marini ..I know you are happily married, but could you reconsider for just a sec?

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"Best friends know how stupid you are and still choose to be seen with you in public."

Why I'm thankful for my birthday and the increasing number of candles...age brings wisdom.


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Living by this every day for the rest of my life! I'm tired of letting stressers in life come between me and the ones I love. I will work hard every day, because I WANT to and I WANT my partner to know he is my everything and worth everything and anything.