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"Cracked" by Angelov. A painting effect modification that symbolizes a broken heart in a man's hand. All the information about the stock images used can be found on the website. Hope you like it! :)

Урок: Реалистична татуировка с #Photoshop - #tattoo #tutorial

"She's a pro" By Angelov. A cover for the bulgarian hip-hop song with the same name. It is performed by Jorkata, Liquid & Cash. Hope you like the image and there is a link for the song in the post. :)

"Demon" by Mavroff. The colleague has used an image of his own face in order to achieve this magnificent, in my humble opinion, work. :)

Урок: Превръщане на снимка в скица (sketch effect)

"Bayern barbarian" Created by me Angelov :) (A re-pin, because of the great victory against FC Barcelona) Mia San Mia!!

"Cracked beauty" By Angelov Information about the used stock images can be found here:

"Passion" by Angelov. Information about the used stock image can be found here: