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I can't decide if I like Harry or Niall's shirt better...

♥ I love them. I love there music. I love there personality. How are they so perfect?

bahaha!!! I love this so much!! If the 1D lads (wow, can't believe I naturally just used lads) were dads, this is how they would discipline their children! ahahaha!

One Direction- they are so cute. I mean in like a minor, non creepy way.

You've been pinning for a while. Let's stretch those neck muscles.

One Direction!! They have grow so much in a year!! I mean just look at them!! 😢 #proud I love them so much but sometimes I miss last year them but no matter what I still love them

... & where exactly can I find this ?

Day 7: Fav One Direction Tweet! they are all so different but great! so just a few....jk thats quite the number of tweets! the cake one....alright harry....

Liam always looks like he's about to rap some gangster shit, when he's usually just singing songs like little things lol

harry zayn and louis are just having a conversation around him and niall is just staring at him in amazment :) how cute