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    Four Mandalas--Tibetan Thangka Painting of Mandalas from the 14th Century.

    {love the detail!} Pebble Drawing

    relief print - what if each child made a stamp and chose a color and together they made a mandala?

    "All There Is" - When the sounds and scents around you dull/ The movies in your mind, when you allow yourself/ Presence in the moment’s bliss,/ You catch the drift that only love exists./ Forgo the sagas of your past, and curve beyond/ The bend. Soon it too will be your back/ Just remember this: we are love; and love is all,/ There is. "Poetry For Living An Inspired Life: Poems as Spiritual Meditation" by Michele Harvey #books #poetry #nationalpoetrymonth

    pretty citrus

    spellbound - Ojos de Dios by Jay Mohler

    Country: Mexico Name: Ojo de Dios Made by: Jay Mohler The Ojo de Dios or God's eye is a ritual tool, magical object, and cultural symbol evoking the weaving motif and its spiritual associations for the Huichol peoples of western Mexico. The God's Eye is symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery.

    incredible drums and tambourines are made to be ‘beat’ but you’d be hard-pressed to find better works than these by Melisa of Vegas Henna

    Presently in the planning stage, the Mandala Labyrinth Project will be a collective art piece that will display diversity with unity.

    作者:ダルマ・ラマ Made by Daruma Lama source :

    。。。。。。。。。。 Tibetan Sand Mandala

    Baltic Wheel

    Drawing a Labyrinth

    Labyrinths and Mandalas Labyrinths are linked to Mandalas - sanskrit for 'circle that contain the Essence'. Like mandalas, labyrinths are archetypal collective symbols that transcend all cultures because they are grounded in consciousness itself.

    Mandala Labyrinth


    Mandala 1200 by Melody Cummons "Reality as you know it will cease to be. You will not experience the shift that is to come as loss, though the circumstances that will transpire might indicate that interpretation. For in shifting to a higher octave of perception, you will come to embody in the moment of that shift, the awareness and the innate understandings that accompany the heightened states of beingness toward which your energy flows at an unprecedented pace.

    CG: Sacred Geometry: Spiritual Labyrinths and Open-Eyed Meditation

    Mandala is mixed media (water color, acrylic and colored ink) on water color paper. The original image measures 22 inches square and was created to eventually become a finger labyrinth.

    Crystal Mandala is a designed grid work that carries specific energy vortex to meet one's needs. Different type of crystals are used to actualise one's goal, manifesting spirit into matter for personal achievements and transformations. To the Right: A Mandala for Relationship and Love.

    Benefits of Personal Mandalas

    Mandalas Of The World: A Meditating & Painting Guide

    Great Mother Labyrinth Window Sticker Outside the inner Labyrinth is a ring of 13 moons in phases, denoting the 13 moon cycles in a year. A ring of prehistoric Goddess images forms a mandala around the moons

    Goddess of the Elements Window Sticker Archetypes for earth, water, fire, air, and space. In between the Goddesses are the moon cycle, and the creatures of the earth: birds and insects, reptiles, fish, and animals, honoring all the varieties of beings, all our relations. 4 " Round; Printed both sides. Air Goddess (East, Spring): a winged maiden flies free with a triple spiral, symbol of eternal life energy cycles, colors are yellow and blue. Fire Queen (South, Summer): She lights up a pentacle, symbol of power and protection, holding an arc of light, a power point within her solar plexus. Colors are red, orange, yellow. Water Goddess (West, Fall): A double tailed mermaid in front of a mandorla, symbol of the feminine and sexuality. Colors are blue, black, green. Earth Mother (North, Winter): This round Mother sits within the circle and diamond of the earth, with crystals around her. Colors are white, black, brown, red. Ether/Inner Space Goddess (Center, Eternity): sits in meditation, energy spiraling deep within, in the Cosmic Circle of creation. Colors black, purple.