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The energy created by the solar cells would then be converted to microwaves which would be broadcast or beamed back to a receiving station on Earth, where electricity (perhaps as much as tens of thousands of megawatts) would be generated from the energy in the microwaves. To make the project feasible, the mirrors and solar cells would be small and lightweight

NASA funds giant flower-shaped satellite concept, could provide solar energy for Earthlings

http://www.globalgreenbridge.org/ - Highly Interesting article about changes in the climate and their stages, although is it not very positive, and basically in the year 2300 we will have some serious issues. I think that the author has to have some hope that in 300 years we will have some inventions that will give us a better chance, or maybe even reverse it. Seems that many have a mindset that nothing of our reality will change. I do have ambition to invent and innovate.

The Earth is closer to the inner edge of Suns habitable zone than previously thought

After another near miss, professor wants to find asteroids that threaten Earth

After another near miss, professor wants to find asteroids that threaten Earth

Earth-passing asteroid is 'an entirely new beast'

On the last day of May 2013 asteroid 1998 passed relatively closely by our planet, coming within 6 million kilometers… about 15 times the distance to the Moon.

Rosetta is chasing comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and, since its launch in 2004, has made three flybys of Earth and one of Mars to build up enough speed and get on a trajectory towards the comet. Because of Rosetta's vast distance – just over 807 million kilometres from Earth – it will take 45 minutes for the signal to reach the groun...

At GMT on Monday, the most important alarm clock in the Solar System will wake up ESA's sleeping Rosetta spacecraft.

Atomic Binding Energy of Rarest Element...

The radioactive element astatine, the name of which is derived from the Greek word for 'instability,' is so rare on earth that it has not yet been investigated to any greater extent and, as a consequence, very little is known .

2012 VP113, also known as "Biden," because of the VP in the provisional name.

Space Discovery Suggests Unknown Planet At Solar System’s Fringe

The dwarf planet (coloured dots). Three images, each taken about two hours apart, were combined into one. The first was artificially colored.

Ciclo solar 23

It took 10 years to create this image of our changing Sun. Taken from space by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), it shows a dramatically different picture than the one we receive on Earth.