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Anatomical Female C by Hine Mizushima

Print: Anatomical Female C with Ectoplasm - doll anatomy specimen beige needle felted felt art plush toy photograph wall decor

宇宙指令 M-75: お悩み相談

【Hine Mizushima】Space Mission Lending A Friendly Ear ♥ Felt Needle Wool Doll

Hine Mizushima's needle felted specimens

Felt specimens from Hiné Mizushima’s Unnatural History Museum.

Hine Mizushima - Shelly and The Shells

Hiné Mizushima – Felt Sculptures

【Hine Mizushima】Shelly and The Shells ♥ Felt Needle Wool Doll

足元注意(改良版 乙女人形マリコ)

OOAK Watch Your Step Doll Retro Plush Needlefelting Felt by hine



Alice eyelashes girl. made in Japan Old doll with show of everyday use and wear. High: 32cm I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

3 Kawaii Totoro and JIJIcat figurine toy In recent years new Collection. H : 4 & & (cm) I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Lady with octopus hair.

Help Friends Make Things: I'll hold, you wind by Hiné [hee-neh] Mizushima

Dress-Up Octopus by Hine Mizushima.

Dress-Up Squid & Octopus by Hine Mizushima