drawing down the moon

Moon Magic

Rather surreal, ethereal gateway or entrance to the unknown.



Moon at night ~ so full of light

Wonderous world

Color splash | A splash of red | Broken Angel

Fairy Silhouette Dancing with Butterflies

~Gothic Art

Board by Sam C: "A World with Magic"

balloon moon

Moon Water

spooky moon

Despair 13x19 Print Angel Gothic Sad Emotion. $29.95, via Etsy.


VampiresVault...electric bright Vampire....☆...HEY, IF ALL VAMPIRES LOOKED LIKE HER, IT MIGHT NOT BE SO BAD TO BE BITTEN......"GIVE ME YOUR NECK, BIG BOY!!!".............ccp

'Druidess' by Jason Heeley.

Luperca - Etruscan Goddess

wasbella102: Snow White hiding from the Huntsman Jana Penca i chose this one because it is like the fairy tale Snow white and the seven dwarves