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    Growing number of Americans are opting out of the banking system

    The world’s fastest growing (and shrinking) cities of 2012

    The pay gap continues to grow between workers and their bosses. Here's an interesting diagram that shows how this problem is growing around the world.

    Here's a recent video interview I did with Growing Bolder TV, making a few predictions about the future.

    We are finally beginning to understand more of the brain's secrets. Using devices like transcranial magnetic stimulation and augmented reality learning device for children with autism, our tools for brain research are growing on a daily basis.

    We are quickly finding that our old systems for defining jobs are too limiting for tomorrow's industries. In fact, if we don't update them quickly, we will be falling far behind countries that take a more aggressive approach.

    Common Parasite Could Manipulate Our Behavior— Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite inhabiting the brains of an estimated three billion people, could tweak its host’s behavior