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  • Kristin

    Wide Range of Alien Planets May Support Life-- Life may be able to survive on a broader set of alien worlds than astronomers had thought, a new study suggests.

  • Micheal Capaldi

    A newly published study examines the “habitable zone” that scientists believe might play a role in the survival of extreme life forms, like lichens and bacteria, on exoplanets. Astronomers have discovered a veritable rogues’ gallery of odd exoplanets — from scorching hot worlds with molten surfaces to frigid ice balls. And while the hunt continues for the elusive “blue dot” — a planet with roughly the same characteristics as Earth — new research reveals that life might...

  • Craig "Burnie" Burns

    Alien Planets In 'Habitable Zone Gallery' May Support Life, Study Suggests

  • Tom Butler

    Extreme Life Forms Might be Able to Survive on Eccentric Exoplanets

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