anchor tattoo idea

Infinite love


tattoo with kids names- I like this idea where the names are part of the design in the wing.

Anchor tattoo

CaptJimsCargo - Decorative White Anchor Nautical Steel Metal Wall Decor 3' Plaque, ( Handcrafted in a USA machine shop of high quality solid steel and is coated with a baked on white powder coating finish that withstands sea salt air, adverse weather conditions and chipping.

42 Beautifully Simple And Perfectly Formed Small Wrist Tattoos

I definitely think that I'm more of a small and simple tattoo like this, also like a cross down the finger, or a music note on the side of my palm.

Love anchors the soul.

art # drawing # butterfly

Infinity Tattoos...yes, these are kind of cliche but I want mine to say "interesting" in the infinity symbol. Could you show me dear, something I've not seen, something infinitely interesting ...from our wedding song!


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Small Tattoo Designs For Girls

"be the one to guide me, but never hold me down" this would be a cool tattoo

I'd love to have a small tattoo like this.

Love is infinite.

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