Year you were born, year you met, year you married- maybe include in bouquet.

DIY:: Lucky Pennies Keychain I want to make my mom and dad one of these w the year me and my brother were born


life hacks!

I may have to try this next year!

7th Wedding Anniversary gift for my husband. It's the copper anniversary! One penny for each consecutive year. 2006-2013

Couples Penny set Lucky Penny Keychain Lucky charm by patsdesign

7th Anniversary idea

I bought on Etsy from HotaruJewelry,+$24.99 - year we met, married, and birth years of kids for birthday!

Penny covered letters

Candy buffet

A balloon for each year.

S'mores have been very popular this year in weddings. Cute way to package it up for a favor ;)

So cute to collect all your babies shoes over the years and make a cute frame out of it. I love this idea.

End of Year Teacher Gifts | Who Needs A Cape?

Great idea for your significant other.

52 Week Money Challenge - Are you Game???

Burlap frame earring holder. I made one with chicken wire years ago but this would hold studs as well. great idea!

I present, the beard hat (also known as the beardo). $39.99

Create a DIY Spy Kit for a kid! Direct link to original post. Instructions are not very in depth, nor does she provide sources for some of the items in the kit, but it's a good starting point. Could also easily be called a "Kid's CSI Kit".