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definately doing this

Skydiving (= I so got to Get Certified for Solo Skydiving!


Skydiving to conquer fear of heights.

 Gotta get over my fear of being in the ocean first

Gone snorkeling in Culebura Island in Puerto Rico. one of my best experience and joy that ive gone and done. I think everyone should go to that Island to camp out at night and snorkel, put it in your bucket list for sure!

Ride an elephant

bucket list, ride an elephant

[✓] favorite place to vacation ever. thinking of going back this winter... 3rd time in 2011 haha!

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Oceanic Society Farallon Islands Whale Watching

Experience magical, close encounters with the friendly gray whale mothers and calfs of San Ignacio Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also visit the beautiful Sea of Cortez for whale watching on this week-long Baja adventure.

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kayak through the caverns in phuket, thailand

Could have done this@ the beach in florida but I didn't.... Stupid me

stand-up paddle board

scuba diving .. One day :)

Learned how to scuba dive in 2004 but haven't gotten a chance to do it again. I wish I lived closer to Florida, or had the money to travel to tropical places so I can scuba dive more often.

Mission Accomplished

will always remember how i get goosebumps when my dad show me pictures of the hawaiian and places in hawaii. have had a thing for it for A LONG LONG TIME.

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How to Plan Your Honeymoon in Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a small French Polynesian island in the Pacific ocean, located northwest of Tahiti. Because of its warm climate and paradisiacal landscape, the island is a popular spot for.

The stuff I've always seriously dreamed of & must do before I die!

random acts of kindness ~ pay for a stranger's groceries

something to do on this summer's bucketlist 2014 #bucketlist #beachbaby #beachlife

I've always wanted to go paddleboarding

CHECK✔️✔️ ✧ stay gold, bold, and вєαυтιfυℓ ✧ ↠{AmiraisQUEEN}↞

10 lessons from nature to inspire our everyday lives

I've always wanted to! Someday I WILL swim with dolphins!

I love books. I read on Kindle now, but I still want my own library.

Someday I'll have a huge thunderstorm room with books covering the walls and a rolling ladder, like Belle flings herself from in the bookstore in "Beauty and the Beast".

Shades Of Tangerine: Bucket List

Shades Of Tangerine: Bucket List