garden beds.

Tree Stump Mosaic - adorable garden idea for those ugly stumps that sit around our firepit!

Tool Hanger

How to make a mosaic mushroom ~ adorable for a yard.

How to take broken dishes and create beautiful garden stones.

Mosaic Garden Stones

make a trellis with old garden tools

faerie house

I am not usually into this kind of thing, but I LOVE these chickens!

tin can man...

Absolutely amazing uses for using old pallets... I mean seriously - so many ideas here that it is mind boggling and I love nearly every single idea.



.garden tool storage

Tool shed perhaps?

Mosaic Stair - Corner Store - photo Carine Thevenau

Such a cute idea.

simply plunge the cuttings of roses into the ground. But th secret of success is the humble potato! Before planting cuttings, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots.

Sunflower Bottle Tree

beautiful rock chair