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It's behind you: Great White stalks ocean canoeist

Alone in his tiny plastic sea kayak, marine biologist Trey Snow had hoped to stealthily track a great white shark. But he had the shock of his life when he spotted a giant fin and realised it was he who was being stalked - by surely one of the most feared killers in the world. The magnificent creatu...
  • Eduardo Ramos Escudero

    Picture of biologist Trey Snow being tracked by a great white while researching the animals in South Africa

  • Casi Montalto

    This is partially why I'm scared to kayak in the ocean. One year, Shark Week had a story about a woman being knocked out of her canoe by a shark. ):

  • Angie Bayer

    Paddle Faster, Great White Shark, South Africa photo by thomaspeschak

  • Michael DeAngelis

    Great White Shark follows Kayak, South Africa. Photo by Thomas P. Peschak. @planetpics

  • Africalust

    Great White Shark going after Kayak in South Africa. credit..*Thomas P. Peschak #wildlife #travel #SouthAfrica

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Great White Shark...WOW!! I don't know whether this is simply amazing awesome or if I should be terrified...haha one thing for sure is I wouldn't want to see that if I was in near proximity of it, unless it was a pretty big boat I was in idk but it is magnificent creature of creation! I

Sends shivers up my spine every time I see this great pic

Go to South Africa,specifically the area called the ring of death and just watch great white sharks jump out of the water. Not get in the water but just see them jump like Shamu.

This pic captures the moment, just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water.

Great White sharks are NOT dangerous according to the diver who swam out of his underwater cage to prove it.

THE SHARKS PURPOSE IN NATURE IS TO HUNT AND KILL, AND NOTHING ELSE. Thats why i do not understand shark lovers.Sharks need to be respected for the place in the food chain but not loved.

Great White: Dangerous yet majestic creature of the depths. Even SHARKS deserve respect as GOD's wonderful creatures.

Great white shark rising from the deep

I'd give my left lung to cage dive...although I would probably die of fright at the same time.

not something you want to see when you go in the ocean...