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  • Janelle Gonzales

    very clever... logo design... word play

  • Julien Tilly

    #logo #design #branding #identity #inspiration #brand #idea #modern #creative #simple #flat

  • Alison Anne

    Creative wordplay

  • geovanni ramirez

    Clever typography. People are so creative.

  • Callum Raper

    the typography i appreciate the most is Creative word play, these examples all have a way of personifying the word,while keeping it simple and easy to read and to understand at the same time. these examples have inspired me, and got me thinking of words, and clever word play i could use in a simple, readable, non illustrative font.

  • Marque Design

    creative type treatment. graphic design. font. typography. | |

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To make that cake, you just mix a 12-oz. can (or 1 1/2 cups) of diet soda with an 18.25-oz. box of cake mix -- don't add ANYTHING else. Then just bake it up in the oven at 350 degrees. (Refer to the box of cake mix for pan size and bake time.) Easy and WAY lower in calories and fat than the standard back-of-box cake recipe, which typically calls for eggs and oil. hmmm...might have to try this.

The alphabet is expressed with circles. Without telling what they are, it would be kind of hard to see what alphabet they are. However, this would be cool to use to title a mod (incorporating the theme into the type).

I like that this font looks like it has texture. It isn't too hard to read with just a few letters, but it probably wouldn't work with multiple lines of text.

Fun letters. Arranged in a random way makes it interesting to look at. Also has a vintage feel that i really like

This is really cool how a part of the letter is missing yet you can still tell what letter this is!

This is a helpful guide to easily remember what each of these words mean when you're working with all things text. This is a super effective use of design.

clever stuff from aron. illustrative typographic print of a biker... i wish i knew what it said

"this is not new" because new is nothing, we can only, try and modification.. but i called with "The Inspiration"

Rebel Squad by Jackson Alves, via Flickr

modern letter via Desiree Nechacov Nechacov Martinez Blessin McKinnon

"The boy crafted the gift with passion / and carefully wrapped it in soft paper / His eyes glowed for love / When handed in, he gave his heart with it / In return, he was asked for the scissors / and with a frigid smile, he was cut off." f. wolff