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  • Cynthia Smith

    speculoos trader joe's - Google Search

  • Jacqueline Evadne Leftwich

    cookie butter. trader joe's. yum.

  • Amberly Cooper

    Trader Joe's Cookie Butter is delicious! Like an almond butter with gingerbread & crushed biscuits. Use it like peanut butter.

  • Amanda Hutch

    Trader Joe's Cookie Butter: almond butter with crushed gingerbread cookies inside.

  • Rene Key

    The cookie butter from Trader Joes has the look and consistency of peanut butter but tasty like gingerbread biscuits in a spreadable form. Its like comfort and Christmas in a jar. Someone on Twitter suggested adding a touch of sea salt, which adds a nice contrast to the sweetness to the cookie butter on top of toast. Yum! Joy

  • Patty Diez

    2. Speculoos aka cookie butter aka crack. 16 Reasons Trader Joe’s is the Best

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