pink/yellow lines

Stripes & Color Block >> how cute for spring break/summer ?!

TOO COOL! You paint your nails neon colors, then put thin pieces of tape in designs you like, paint the nail black, then remove the tape (in French)

Braided mani


French mani with a twist

OMG. That one nail. #nail_polish

cool nails nails

Orly color block mani from Pshiiit.

pink pop

Heart mani

pink and silver

Summer yellow

Mint, pink and silver nails - Your own fashion

Firework nails

Yellow and pink nails

bright for Summer!

Crayon Nails: paint your nails crayon-like colors (like the ones in the image) and wait for them to dry. Then, add black zig zagging lines on the tips of your nails (like the ones on crayons) and you have your Crayon Nails!

{ essie, bikini so teeny }

Business on the Bottom, Party on the Top