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Narrative writing success criteria. Co created with student and used to provide descriptive feedback.

Writing Success Criteria

Success Criteria for Reading0.jpg

Success Criteria in the classroom - so good to use with students

I like this BUT I would change it slightly to make a better acronym. "BEST" (beginning, evidence/events, solution/summary, title--> which prompts the writer to review their writing to see if the main idea is evident) W.O.

"Good writers tell their story in order of how it happened." #teaching #writing

Nice explanation of particular genres for writing ... those that tend to be found on high stakes tests

It would be so cool to have students keep a journal in which they just jot down ideas as they come at random times during the day. I mean, ideas often come at the most inopportune times, and this way they will be on the lookout for stuff they can write about. Then they can refer to it later when they have writer's block.