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    The Balancing Act

    • Bethany Coydar

      I am not a cat person, but I could never be able to say no to this big saucer eyed furball ;)<

    • Emily Gilmour

      I need one of these cats in my life. Exotic Shorthairs are so cute they almost look like little teddies with there massive eyes and squished faces.

    • Stephanie Myers

      i Am not a huge cat lover but i have to say this is one of the cutest things i have ever seen

    • Haley Poole

      This scottish fold looks like an adorable stuffed animal with those big eyes.

    • Sarah 'sez'

      I want this cat - I hate cats but this ones eyes are sooooo freaking cute!

    • Sharon Moore

      exotic shorthair - look, puppy-dog eyes on a cat!!!

    • Spark Shooter

      Awesome fat faced kitty cat #scottish fold

    • Michele Mackrill

      Cutest Cat ever, love those eyes!

    • Olga Huehn

      Your Dream Cat pets

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    I REALLY want a kitty like this!



    Cutest thing EVER!!!!!!!!

    This little kitty is so cute !!!

    this is so cute

    Try to not get warm tinglies while staring at this. Just try. #kitty

    I LOVE these flat faced guys with the big eyes! :D


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